Friday, August 14, 2015


Just a few of the jewelry projects I have been working on.


My crochet animals.  The first is an elephant that was made for one of the ladies at the Center to encourage her to continue croccheting.
The bunny below was my first attempt at the bunny.  She sits in my craft room, keeping my company as I craft.
The pic on the left shows all the crochet parts for the completed bunny on the right.  I made two of these - one for each of the younger granddaughters.

The squares on the left became the purse on the right.


The first towel is for a granddaughter who is into all things Paris, the second is one I made for myself, and the third is for a granddaughter who is studying to be a cosmetologist.  By the way, the first towel reads "I think, therefore I am."

Monday, August 3, 2015

Update - July 2015

Just sharing some things I have been working on.

Front and inside of a birthday card.  Love the cut-out candles on the front, and the embossed candles on the inside.  This card was entered in an online challenge.

This card was for a neighbor; just getting in and letting her know I was thinking about her while she is in recovery.

Had fun making this card.  Y'all know about that black and gold.  You might not be able to see it, but the jar is a vinyl piece to make it see through.  This card was also entered in an online challenge.
This is one honoring our vets, and was also entered in an online challenge.  This will be going out to one special veteran some time soon.

This was yet another that was entered in an online challenge.

These were the last four that were entered in a challenge in an online crop.  The first two will be used in my scrapbook standing frame, which I hope to show you guys sometime soon.  The third is a magnet, and the fourth the back of my cell phone case.

Even did a little jewelry.  This is the eighth ring like this, which I finally got to keep.  They were flying out the house as soon as I finished them.  Each one was a different colored stone.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks for stopping...bye!!

Leaving me your comments and let me know what you would like to see me create.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kumihumo and Paracord bracelets

A dear crafting friend, excited and overwhelmed, that I had encouraged her to get the new Disney embroidery machine (but, I did do classes to teach her how to use it!!!)  and then taught her how to make the paracord bracelets -- decided she would teach me Kumihumo (to get even - LOL).

As a note, we get together and embroider about once a month now (have to keep the machines going).  For Christmas, we did free-standing lace fleur-de-lis earrings from the daughters and granddaughters.  We also did a few embroidered can and water Kozzies as gifts.

So, here is my first Kumihumo cord that I did!!!!

 I know, it does look like much!!!  But, wait for it...

I carried it everywhere I went -- especially when I went to pick the grand up after school.  Would get there early and go at it.

And here are four of the Kumihumo bracelets that I finished, along with a paracord bracelet in the middle.

And another two paracord bracelets that I finished.

I have made about two dozen paracord bracelets in different colors for family and have about two dozen more to do.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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Paper Time

Spent some time playing with paper recently.  Cut out a bunch of items I thought I could use in my cardmaking some time in the next few months.

So, I cut the parts for six images and ...

... glued them all together so they would be ready and waiting.

Didn't like the paper that I used to cut the blue onesies, so I only put together a few of those.  Aren't the little duckies cute!!!

I used the Koala bear (put it on an Action Wobble Spring so it would appear to be dancing) on a bear for our granddaughter.

I also cut out a Minnie Mouse figure and used it on a "Get Well/Thinking of You" card for a special neighbor.

Need to get back to my papers more often.  Sort of missed them!!!

Hope you enjoyed.

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Senior Divas - March 16 class

Wanted to share some of the completed items the divas brought to class today to show what they have been working on.

Ms. Audrey has been working on hand embroidering a set of pillow cases.  Just a word, this diva crochets and makes jewelry as well.

Ms. Pat completed yet another baby blanket.  This is in addition to a number of headbands she has been finishing for her grands.

And, Ms. Marion finished another black and gold scarf; along, with some headbands -- one of which she wore in today, and gave another away to another PPCC member.

Hope you enjoyed!!  You must agree that I am surrounded by some very talented divas!!!!!

Thanks for stopping...bye.