Monday, December 6, 2010

New Pictures

Been real busy lately, but here are some pictures of things made recently - in no particular order.

Blanket for one of several new great-nieces.

Grape-themed bottle apron for a wine bottle.

Back half of dress (in the works) made for newest granddaughter-to-come.  Completed dress further down.

 Pop-up card made for a challenge.

Birthday card and plate made for a special neighbor's friend's birthday.Card and plate made for my loving sister's birthday. 

One of the several hand towels made for my husband and his Saints' passion.

Hat crocheted to go with the plate and card for my sister's birthday!  She also got another crocheted hat (didn't get a pic of it though - forgot to take it).

The gold hand towel to match the black one.

A "Just Because" card.

Embroidered lace bowl.

Finished dress for newest granddaughter (born this morning!!!!!) WOW! She is Beautiful!!!

Embroidered pillow made of the granddog for my son's birthday last year.

Handmade birthday card for a very, very special friend.

 One of several Saints' notebooks made for hubby, son, sons-in-law, and grandson.  What will I make next with the Saints theme...ummmmmmmmm.
 My very first leather purse that I have attempted.  Lots of people want one now, just don't have the time to do them justice right now.  Lots of cards - birthdays, just because, sympathy, Christmas, etc. - to do.  Not withstanding my crochet and knit hats to make, along with embroidered items for the new grand.  Didn't get pictures of the embroidered burp cloths that were made.
 Hand-knitted booties, along with a special handmade box for my granddaughter's aunt on her dad's side (who became a grandmother for the first time).

Embroidered grape-themed cover for m bread machine.
Crocheted shrug.

Hopefully, I will remember to take pictures of the rest of the projects that I am doing at this time.

Until them - God bless.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Made some bibs and a layette set for new granddaughter.

She also got a new sweater and cap.


Had a new granddaughter and made some bibs and a layette set for her.