Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Crocheting - Bob Marley

It took me five weeks, but I finally finished the Bob Marley afghan I was working on for my son's birthday.  It turned out to be approximately 220 x 220.

I am extremely glad this one is finished.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just Couldn't Wait for Christmas!!

I was supposed to do glass cutting boards for my daughters and sister for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I just could not wait for Christmas.

The white piece of paper on each cutting board is the cleaning instructions.  They were thrilled to get their "Christmas" presents.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Completed Afghan from Video

Earlier, I posted a video of me crocheting.  I was working on an afghan for the 14th of September. Well, here is the completed afghan.  It took 10 days of crocheting, 2 days of embroidering the fleur-de-lis, and another 2 days to put it all together.

I was able to complete it the early morning of 9-14-15.

My hubby really loved his anniversary present.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Finished Christmas Blanket

Earlier, I showed you pics of blocks that were being crocheted as a crochet along.  Here are all of the completed blocks.

And here are all of the blocks connected together for a throw.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Embroidered Key FOBs

New love!!!  I have fallen deeply in love with embroidered key fobs; so much so, that I have made initialed key fobs for the entire family, and then some.  I think I did about 20 initialed fobs in all.  These are just a few that I was able to get in a picture.

This was the start of it all.

Did a Jeep fob to sort of match my son's Jeep.

Sister-in-law saw and wanted one for herself and her daughter.

Start of the Saints sensation.  Haven't added the snap yet.

Granddaughter loves dinosaurs, so had to make this one for her.

Tend to like the two-initialed ones with the football.

For the football season, thought I would do some footballs and the Saints.  Then thought I would add the fleur-de-lis.

Above, I did some more Saints and fleur-de-lis in a deeper gold color.

Below are the latest two off the machine.  I like the hurricane with Katrina and the year of its occurrence.  The pistol was one I thought I'd try. Not sure about that one yet.

Hope you enjoyed.  Don't forget to leave your comments and let me know what you would like to see.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Home Decor and Gifts

I know it's not fall yet - but one can hope for some cooler weather.  Anyway, wanted to share my new door wreath for fall.  What do you think?

Recently, made a few dozen premie caps (girls and boys) for the local NICU.  Couldn't just hand them over like that, so I made an alphabet box to put them in.

The divas at the senior center have been working so hard on their crocheting that I wanted to keep them encouraged.  One of the ladies have a love of elephants so I crocheted this one for her.  The other had a birthday coming up, so I decided to make her a birthstone Swarovski ring with Dyna-mite seed beads.

A close up of the ring to get a better view.

Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for stopping...bye.

Handmade cards

Just wanted to share two handmade birthday cards that were done recently.  

Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for stopping...bye.


It's crochet time.  The first four pics are of an online crochet along.  The end result will be a nine-paneled Christmas throw.  The patterns are posted about once a week or so until all nine have been posted.

Showing work in progress on the Christmas tree.

This is how my work looks when I have completed all of the crochet.  Have to go in and tie in all the ends.

I learned a new crochet technique - corner to corner.  That is how I am crocheting the above panels for the crochet along (CAL).  I like it so much, that I did the bag below and am working on some face cloths using that same technique.

Working on some face cloths.  Don't mind the remotes and the bottle that I keep my needles in.

Figured since I was crocheting, I could give my hooks a new home.  Sooooo, here is my new case for my crochet hooks.

Phone case for my sister.

My husband often tells me that I am extending into the den (and other places in the house) with my yarns.  Below is my attempt to corral some of my yarns.

Another panel for the Christmas CAL.

Isn't Miss Elle beautiful?  She is even offering two hearts with her tusk.

One of the baby dresses being crocheted.

Second baby dress with diaper cover.

This is what I am very excited about.  I needed a purse just to carry my phone, license, keys, and I little change in.  THIS IS IT.  There was no other pattern out there that I liked, soooooo I created my own.  That's right - this is my own pattern and I am so excited about it.  Tell me what you think about it.

This my other crochet project that is underway.  I am hoping to complete this afghan by the 14th of September.  This is just the start of it.  Will keep you guys informed.

And last, but not least.  Thought I would give you guys a look at me crocheting.  This is work on the afghan for the 14th.

Hope you enjoyed.  Leave me some feedback.

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Friday, August 14, 2015


Just a few of the jewelry projects I have been working on.