Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paper bag mini album and cards

Finished embroidering a set of three personalized towels.  Didn't get permission to post them, so couldn't.

Finished a Saints mini album and birthday card for the grandson.

This is a paper bag mini album, with space for 2 dozen + pictures.
 Took a stamp -"I love you" - to see if I could make two different cards from the one stamp.  Here's the results.  Let me know what you think.

Above is the first card, and below is the second.

 Thanks for stopping...bye.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mickey Mini

My niece and her mother both called to express their delight over the Mickey mini album.  They loved it!!!  I was glad to hear it.

I am starting this morning on the next three albums that I need for August.  One will definitely be a Saints paper bag album for the grandson.  Will post it when completed. The other two, I am not sure about yet.

Feel free to leave me any comments.  Thanks for stopping...bye.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pictures loaded

This weekend, I finished loading pictures to the four mini albums I made for: a great niece's first birthday party, a granddaughter's birthday gift, a daughter's birthday gift, and a "just because" for the hubby.  I made boxes for the two birthday gifts and they will go in the mail this morning.

While going through hundreds of pictures for three of the albums, I did find some things that I had made that I did not post yet.  Here are a few.

A fabric bowl.

Cards for different occasions and the box I made to put them in.


A birthday card...
...for a best friend.

A knitted hat and a crocheted one.

A knitted sweater and hat for a grand.

My sign by my front door.

A pair of slippers for a friend's grandchild.

A box to house a candy gift.
Some knitted sets for the grands.

My first leather purse I sewed.

First leather wallet I made.

Some embroidered and beaded earrings
Some more beaded earrings.

An embroidered coffee mug.

An embroidered fabric bowl.

Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for stopping...bye.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini Albums

I have been bitten by mini scrapbook albums.  Since I lost all of my scrapbooks during Katrina, I didn't think I wanted to scrap again -- but, WOW, do I love scrapping mini albums.  They also make great gifts.  I have my Christmas and birthday lists going now!

I tried to video the albums, but I apparently am doing something wrong.  I will keep trying though!

I still have to put the name on the front of this one to personalize it.  It's a birthday gift.
This is the inside.  It is an evelope mini, with 10 tags.  It can hold 2 dozen pics.

This was my first run at an envelope mini.  Still need to dress up the tags a bit.

This is my first attempt at a paper bag mini.  I think it looks very masculine.

Showing one of the tags.  This album can hold @2 dozen pics.

Balloon-shaped birthday card. Still a work in progress.

Front of birthday card.

Inside of card.  Love the sparkly paper and the roses.
Hope you enjoy.  Thanks for stopping...bye!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Attempted Video

Wow, I have posted twice in one month!!!  I am trying to keep current. I am also trying something new.  Since most of my cards and gifts are more interactive now, you cannot really see the details from the pictures.  So, today, I decided to video four of my recent projects.  I haven't really finished personalizing these (just about finished on one of them), so it's not too bad to post it.

The first is an envelope mini album for a birthday present.  The next three are birthday cards.  July and August are my busiest months for birthdays!!

The funny thing about the video is this: this is my first attempt.  I didn't speak during the video - so there's no sound, just pages turning and cards flipping out.  I can always look back on this and laugh about my first attempt at this.

Welll, the server rejected the video.  Will try it again later.
Feel free to leave me any comments.  Thanks for stopping...bye.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Just wanted to share some of my other love with you.


Cherry tomatoes


Lemon thyme




Just one of the various rose bushes.

My hubby's favorite place in the yard.
Hope you enjoyed!!!

Time Got Away Again!

Again, time has gotten away from me.  I love doing what I do so much, that most times, I forget to take pictures before the item gets away.  A lot of the things that I do are also personalized.  Thus, some cannot be posted unless I get an agreement from the person to post them.

Well, lets see what we have new now...

Embroidered back of jacket for son-in-law.

Made Father's Day cards:

For hubby

For sons-in-law

And for son, I made him a small photo album of his new daughter as his first-time father's day card.

Also made card for granddaughter's other grandpa (first-timer!!)

 Made card to hold teabags for a neighbor recovering from surgery.

And did some homemade chocolates and a card for my fantastic pharmacist and staff.