Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just Couldn't Wait for Christmas!!

I was supposed to do glass cutting boards for my daughters and sister for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I just could not wait for Christmas.

The white piece of paper on each cutting board is the cleaning instructions.  They were thrilled to get their "Christmas" presents.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Completed Afghan from Video

Earlier, I posted a video of me crocheting.  I was working on an afghan for the 14th of September. Well, here is the completed afghan.  It took 10 days of crocheting, 2 days of embroidering the fleur-de-lis, and another 2 days to put it all together.

I was able to complete it the early morning of 9-14-15.

My hubby really loved his anniversary present.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Finished Christmas Blanket

Earlier, I showed you pics of blocks that were being crocheted as a crochet along.  Here are all of the completed blocks.

And here are all of the blocks connected together for a throw.

Hope you enjoyed.

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