Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good afternoon. As London Tipton would say, "Yeah, me!!!" (It's a Disney thing.) I am loading a picture of an explosion box that I did for my hubby; just thanking him for all he does (he really is a gem). Thanks to Beate Johns at the Scor-Pal site for the tutorial.

On the picture you can also see one of the Oh So Cute Shirts that I made (thanks to Cambria Turnbow at the Scor-Pal site for that tutorial).

The gated card is one that I remember from Sandy Genovese a couple of years ago (with my modifications to make it my own). Notice the box that the shirt is in front of - it was done with the Top Score multiboard. This is absolutely the easiest way to make any kind of box, of any size.


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