Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to you all!!!

I think I was all over the place!!!  Did cards, boxes, jewelry, and even about four loaves of raisin-cinnamon bread.

Missed pics of some of the things I made because, as usual, they were out of here as soon as they were done.  However, I did do about three dozen bracelets and was able to catch a few pics of them.

A Salvation bracelet, which was given to all my daughters and granddaughters, and my sister and best friend.

While I was making bracelets, I did this one from some wooden beads I had.  These are going to my daughters and sister.

This is the start of a jump ring bracelet that I was making for the hubby.

This is the jump ring that is now completed.  He really loved it and wore it to work.

This is another Salvation bracelet, but with three each of the different beads.  Each bead color is significant.

Boy, once the roll started, it was sort of hard to stop.  Just playing with beads here.

Another wooden bead.

May do a couple more bracelets today (even some earrings and necklaces).  My son gave me some equipment that will make it even easier.

Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for stopping...bye!!!

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