Thursday, January 5, 2012


Good morning, guys.  Since this is the start of a new year, like most, I'm making myself a new promise.  I promise myself that I will try to post more often with the things that I make - getting a picture before the items get out of the door.

I am also challenging myself to bring my cardmaking to a new level this year -- by learning new techniques and playing more with the tools I have.

I am not the greatest with the pics and videos (working on that, too), but I am trying.

Today, I am working on an anniversary card for a special couple.  They are celebrating 55 years of marriage.  WOW!! You don't hear THAT too often these days.

I challenged myself to design the card on the Gypsy and cut it on the Cricut.

Here's the design on the Gypsy.

I will cut it and upload a pic when done.

Thanks for stopping...bye!!!

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