Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

My prayer is that this year will be a banner year for you. Let your creative juices flow.

Enjoy some of my projects for the new year.

Card for granddaughter's other grandmother.  Do you see all the clutter on my desk??!!!  This is the normal and not the exception.  There is always a flurry of "mess" on the desk.

Sympathy card.

Crocheted mini hats that are used as hot pot lid holders.  These were given as Christmas gifts.

 Thank you cards made for a granddaughter.

Birthday gift for granddaughter.  Not sure you can clearly see the three rings.  They were ribboned together on a card and then put into the handmade gift bag.  These are soooo much fun.  I will now make all of my own gift bags.  Below this is her birthday card with handmade envelope.

Mini album that was made as a birthday gift for my brother-in-law.

Knitted and crocheted scarves.  We are making these at the Center.  One of my diva ladies has also learned to knit (she's in her late 70's) and she has knitted well over two dozens -- in different colors!!!

More crochet.  Pair of granny slippers for a granddaughter and face scrubs with pouch that were given as Christmas gifts.

New Year card made for my daughter to give to a special someone.

Ring that was made for me.  Kept it for about 20 seconds before it was whisked away.  Oh well, need to make another now.

Helmet cap that was crocheted for my granddaughter.  And there she is modeling it!!!!

And lastly, my new favorite passion - micro books for charms for my mini book albums; or that was the intention.  I can't seem to make these fast enough.  They disappear, literally.  One is even hanging on my hubby's mirror in his truck.

Hope you guys have enjoyed.  See you soon with more.

Thanks for stopping...bye!!!

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