Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Catching Up!!

Yet again, time has gotten away from me.

These are some of the things that I have been doing.  Hope you enjoy.

Beaded butterfly
This butterfly was weaved using 11/0 seed beads in orange and blue, and black 3 mm beads for the body.

Beaded bracelet
 I really love working with seed beads.  On this bracelet, I used 11/0 seed beads to make the cylindrical pinkish-looking beads and then added the darker pink beads to make this elastic bracelet for a great niece.  Her mother and grandmother received one made with black beads.

Pandora-style bracelet.

This blue glass bead bracelet was made for the older daughter.

Crochet tea set.
Although it was not stiffened before this picture was taken, this tea set was crocheted for my sister, who collects tea sets.  The set includes the tea pot, a cup and saucer, and a plate with a chocolate chip and thumbprint cookie.  After seeing the pic, she requested an additional pot, cup, and saucer.

Fruit from the garden.
This is just one of the picking times from the grapevine and the pear tree in my garden.  My blueberry bush did not make it this year; but, I did get two figs.  Gardening is another one of my loves.

Crochet donuts
When my sister-in-law saw my sister's teapot set, she requested crochet donuts that she could plate and keep on her kitchen table.  This is the result.  Some or vanilla and some chocolate on the underside.

Beaded bead

I really do enjoy taking smaller beads and making a beaded bead.  This one is "puffed" and has the same design on the other side.

Handmade copper earrings.
This is a new technique that I am learning.  Here, I am working with copper wire, before I use the more expensive sterling silver wire.  I used two strands of copper to twist the hoop portion, then made the copper jump rings and earring hooks.  This was fun to do, and I am presently working on a few larger hoops for the granddaughters using the twisted copper.

Hope you enjoyed.  I also hope I can do a better job of getting pics of my completed projects before they fly the coop.

Thanks for stopping...bye!!!!

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