Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to School

With the end of July, I finished a batch of wedding invitations and calligraphied the envelopes. 

Now, I am back to getting the rest of my August birthdays out of the way.  Oh, and I added another one.  Will try to get that belated card out and sent as soon as possible.  Will post when done.

In the meantime, I did complete a card for "keeping in touch".  Had an idea of a plate and utensils -- it came out rather nice.  The front says "Hello" and the inside, "let's get together (soon)".  Used a clear embossing, so the camera does not really pick up the wording. 

My sister has a little girl and her family who pass in front of her shop everyday, and the little girl started school today.  So, she asked me to make a card for her.  This was done rather quickly, as I wanted to get it to my sister before school lets out.

Front of card

Inside, with place to put her first day pictures (2).

Back of card

Well, back to working on my next birthday mini album and two more birthday cards.

Thanks for stopping...bye.

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nikitamurphy504@gmsil.com said...

OMG! The plate is great.

Any teacher that got a card anything like this would be happy.