Monday, October 15, 2012

Been Really Busy!!!!

These are just a "few" of the things I have made recently.

Made two of these black and white darlings for my daughters.

This is the pic I took during my photography class.

Trying out a stitch for black and gold earrings.

My checkerboard white and gray clutch.

One purse...

...two purse, both crocheted.

White crocheted baseball cap I tried.

A box I made for four or my crocheted cookies and a bottle cap magnet.

Crocheted cover I made for my sister for a square Kleenex box.

Heineken bottle cap earrings.

Teddy I made for hubby in embroidery class.

Can cozy I made for hubby for the Saints season.

Little purse I crocheted for a little girl.

Inside of the above purse.

Made box for the bottle cap earrings.

Crochet ballerina purse made for granddaughter.

Saints pillow made for grandson; of course, hubby got one, too.

Clutch crocheted for granddaughter.

Inside of card made for a special person.

Outside of card.  She was very excited about the card.

My pineapple shawl I crocheted for -- guess who --  ME!!! Love shawls, and pineapples.

Blanket I crocheted from scrap yarn.  No new until I use up the old!!!!

Had to try these adorable crochet baby sandals.

Granddaughters wanted different bracelets.  This is a crochet one.  I also knitted some.

This is one of the button bracelets I made.

Another crocheted bracelet.

A bracelet made from can caps.  My granddaughters just love these.
I hope you guys enjoyed these.  Have a ton of others I need to post.  Will try to do as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping...bye!!!!!


Trina said...

Wow! Great set of projects! Unfortunately, I have to give you a "boo" for the Ain'ts! Falcons rise up!! ;D

You have word verification on... said...

LOL, Trina!

I am going to second the motion and ask when I am going to receive my gift bag with all of my goodies?