Friday, November 9, 2012

Crochet Sweaters and Tatted Lace

Hi, guys!!!

Have been working on Christmas gifts and "just because" gifts. I am making crochet, knitted, beaded, and button bracelets for the granddaughters and daughters, and embroidered and knitted bracelets for the grandson, son, and nephew.  I am crocheting beanies, slouch beanies, and purses for the granddaughters and daughters.  And for the two youngest granddaughters, they are getting crochet sweaters.  You can see them in the video.

I have also begun to teach a crochet class at the Center, with my ladies.  Can't wait to let you see what they have been working on.

Almost forgot, I still have to complete about a dozen travel pillows as part of the Christmas packages.

Have a couple of birthday cards that still need to be made for the months of November and December and will be working on those this weekend.

I also began teaching myself to tat.  It has been an undertaking, but I am not giving up.  The tatted pieces are so beautiful and I thought it would be nice to make some myself.

Hope you enjoy the video!!!

Thanks for stopping...bye!!!!!

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