Monday, August 3, 2015

Update - July 2015

Just sharing some things I have been working on.

Front and inside of a birthday card.  Love the cut-out candles on the front, and the embossed candles on the inside.  This card was entered in an online challenge.

This card was for a neighbor; just getting in and letting her know I was thinking about her while she is in recovery.

Had fun making this card.  Y'all know about that black and gold.  You might not be able to see it, but the jar is a vinyl piece to make it see through.  This card was also entered in an online challenge.
This is one honoring our vets, and was also entered in an online challenge.  This will be going out to one special veteran some time soon.

This was yet another that was entered in an online challenge.

These were the last four that were entered in a challenge in an online crop.  The first two will be used in my scrapbook standing frame, which I hope to show you guys sometime soon.  The third is a magnet, and the fourth the back of my cell phone case.

Even did a little jewelry.  This is the eighth ring like this, which I finally got to keep.  They were flying out the house as soon as I finished them.  Each one was a different colored stone.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks for stopping...bye!!

Leaving me your comments and let me know what you would like to see me create.

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