Friday, March 20, 2015

Kumihumo and Paracord bracelets

A dear crafting friend, excited and overwhelmed, that I had encouraged her to get the new Disney embroidery machine (but, I did do classes to teach her how to use it!!!)  and then taught her how to make the paracord bracelets -- decided she would teach me Kumihumo (to get even - LOL).

As a note, we get together and embroider about once a month now (have to keep the machines going).  For Christmas, we did free-standing lace fleur-de-lis earrings from the daughters and granddaughters.  We also did a few embroidered can and water Kozzies as gifts.

So, here is my first Kumihumo cord that I did!!!!

 I know, it does look like much!!!  But, wait for it...

I carried it everywhere I went -- especially when I went to pick the grand up after school.  Would get there early and go at it.

And here are four of the Kumihumo bracelets that I finished, along with a paracord bracelet in the middle.

And another two paracord bracelets that I finished.

I have made about two dozen paracord bracelets in different colors for family and have about two dozen more to do.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Thanks for stopping...bye!!!!

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