Friday, February 5, 2016

Learning Something New

Yesterday was a "full day".  Had a lot of running to do with grands - drop offs and pick ups and drop offs.  Also, had to make a school Mardi Gras parade with another grand.  They were sooooo excited and the band and marching units were AWESOME for an elementary school!!

But, earlier in the morning, I was able to get some wire weaving done.  It is a work in progress, learning to make the wire go the way I want it to.  I am working in copper wire, although the ring looks bronze or gold in the picture.  I was able to make two rings - one large and one small.  The small one was taken as soon as made, so I only got a picture of the larger one.

I have Valentine's on the mind, so I thought I would try my hands at working with a heart.  Had a few problems getting the curves at the top of the heart.  Perhaps will try it again in another gauge.

While I was working the heart, I kept getting the idea for a pair of earrings, so I hurriedly worked up this pair in copper also.

I am really enjoying this journey with wire weaving.  Just wanted to share my journey with you.  Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping...bye!!

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