Friday, June 3, 2016

Update on Garden

Here are some pics of what was going on in my garden at the end of May 2016.

The pears are getting larger.

One of the tomato bushes.

The cucumbers are vining and flowering, but no produce yet.

Two or three squashes coming along.

Have already picked a few blueberries, and more are coming along.

Have already picked two bell peppers and more are coming.

Off the vine!!!

Grape vine is leafing out, but don't think we'll see any grapes this year (cut off last year's wood at the end of last season).
Will just have to use the leaves to make some meat dishes.

My cantaloupe is struggling.  Will need to research this.

My basil always shows up and shows out.

I love the taste of this chocolate mint in my prepared foods.

Like the basil, the lemon thyme always produces beautifully.

Mt figs are trying to make a comeback this year.
Hope you enjoyed the stroll through my garden.

Thanks for stopping...bye.

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