Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time Got Away Again!

Again, time has gotten away from me.  I love doing what I do so much, that most times, I forget to take pictures before the item gets away.  A lot of the things that I do are also personalized.  Thus, some cannot be posted unless I get an agreement from the person to post them.

Well, lets see what we have new now...

Embroidered back of jacket for son-in-law.

Made Father's Day cards:

For hubby

For sons-in-law

And for son, I made him a small photo album of his new daughter as his first-time father's day card.

Also made card for granddaughter's other grandpa (first-timer!!)

 Made card to hold teabags for a neighbor recovering from surgery.

And did some homemade chocolates and a card for my fantastic pharmacist and staff.

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