Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mini Albums

I have been bitten by mini scrapbook albums.  Since I lost all of my scrapbooks during Katrina, I didn't think I wanted to scrap again -- but, WOW, do I love scrapping mini albums.  They also make great gifts.  I have my Christmas and birthday lists going now!

I tried to video the albums, but I apparently am doing something wrong.  I will keep trying though!

I still have to put the name on the front of this one to personalize it.  It's a birthday gift.
This is the inside.  It is an evelope mini, with 10 tags.  It can hold 2 dozen pics.

This was my first run at an envelope mini.  Still need to dress up the tags a bit.

This is my first attempt at a paper bag mini.  I think it looks very masculine.

Showing one of the tags.  This album can hold @2 dozen pics.

Balloon-shaped birthday card. Still a work in progress.

Front of birthday card.

Inside of card.  Love the sparkly paper and the roses.
Hope you enjoy.  Thanks for stopping...bye!

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