Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Attempted Video

Wow, I have posted twice in one month!!!  I am trying to keep current. I am also trying something new.  Since most of my cards and gifts are more interactive now, you cannot really see the details from the pictures.  So, today, I decided to video four of my recent projects.  I haven't really finished personalizing these (just about finished on one of them), so it's not too bad to post it.

The first is an envelope mini album for a birthday present.  The next three are birthday cards.  July and August are my busiest months for birthdays!!

The funny thing about the video is this: this is my first attempt.  I didn't speak during the video - so there's no sound, just pages turning and cards flipping out.  I can always look back on this and laugh about my first attempt at this.

Welll, the server rejected the video.  Will try it again later.
Feel free to leave me any comments.  Thanks for stopping...bye.

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